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OS 0 1 2 BASIC   A novel and intuitive presentation for general audiences.  The playful, puzzling, informative, shocking, tongue in cheek, truthful and dangerous master meme that keeps spreading individual to individual, whether you agree with it or not!

OS 0 1 2 in Theory. A formal presentation of the dialectic's theoretical framework.

OS 0 1 2 BLOG. Observing the emering dialectic in the news, with updates and observations, links to new discussions.

0 = Mystery, 1 = True, and 2 = False as a Formal System of Logic PDF Download. Professor Jorge Pedraza Arpasi has translated the ternary symbols used in OS 0 1 2 as an independent system of formal logic called ternary logic.

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To properly test it's effectiveness in live and chaotic dialogue, a community of academic skeptics and members of the critical thinking movement were chosen. What better example of skeptical thinking could be found than in James Randi's Discussion Forum and who could present a better challenge to the idea of OS 0 1 2 than such a skeptical and analytical community?

This discussion sprang from a previous discussion on BadScience.net regarding memes and memetics, and essentially lasted over a 6 month period of time.

OS 0 1 2 for Hookers. A creative essay on the natural synergies of all sides win.

OS 0 1 2 and the Cube Called Brain; A true short story by OS 0 1 2 user 'in finity', a soldier from Israel.

Interesting academic article on 'Mystery'. This is a link to a chapter in the book The Faces of Existence: An Essay in Nonreductive Metaphysics (Cornell University Press) by John F. Post, professor of Philosophy at Vanderbilt University

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External Links/Essays of Relevance

The Human Union         Introducing Dr. Lyndon Storey's political and academic arguement for the creation of a 'human union' as a political anti-thesis to the current paradigm of global politics.

Dialectic and Logic     A wonderful academic summary by Prof W.W. Sawyer.

P2P and Human Evolution A PDF file download by Michael Bauwens which outlines P2P as a new mode of civilization.

Scatterchat    ScatterChat is a secure chat program designed to allow non-technical human rights activists and political dissidents to communicate securely and anonymously while operating in hostile territory. It is also useful in corporate settings, or in other situations where privacy is desired.

Mapping Online Social Interaction An interesting article that makes note of 'the golden age of social science' with interesting maps of what things like the blogosphere look like.

Non Zero Princeton Scholar Robert Wright's media loaded site. Robert Wright wrote a wonderful book called 'Non Zero, the Logic of Human Destiny' charting the history and exaltation of non zero sum or win win strategies developed throughout history, and like many scholars before him, suggests human destiny may naturally ignite to a conclusion where win win is an accepted administered norm.

Buckminster Fuller. The wikipedia entries on the designer of Synergetics and the World Game. Here you will find additional links to Fuller websites and projects.

Noosphere The Wikipedia entry for the concept of a field or sphere of human thought evolving into a 'end point' in history.