Besides the Good News, the Gospel of Jesus Christ, all is fake news, for there is nothing new under the sun. Acts 2:38 : Then Peter said unto them, Repent, and be baptized every one of you in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins, and ye shall receive the gift of the Holy Ghost.
The Case for Christ by Lee Strobel
Tired of Socalist Networks? (i.e. facebOOk, yoUtUbe, gOOgle): Read the Bible! Friendship with the world is enmity with God. Lose your false friends in this world, gain many more in this world and the world to come! (Yes all the dead who died believing in Jesus Christ over all time will be your friends!) Believe on Jesus Christ, the Son of God, Repent!, AND be BAPTIZED in the name of Jesus Christ!
You can't have freedom of religion and speech (FIRST AMENDMENT) without a right to keep and bear arms (SECOND AMENDMENT.) Likewise, you can't have a right to keep and bear arms (SECOND AMENDMENT) without a freedom of speech and religion (FIRST AMENDMENT.) The Bill of Rights Amendments are like balls, if you don't use them you lose them. If you don't like the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, go live in a country wtihout them.

A Well Regulated Militia? -- Offsite Link -- God Sees : Page
If it is okay to put up a firewall on a computer to protect from suspicious traffic, intrusion and invasion, it's far better to build a wall to keep foreigners that are against America OUT! Until all those who are against 'Make America Great Again' are weeded out of our country, close the borders!
Salvation Pamphlet : How to Know God

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Isaiah 3:12

As for my people, children are their oppressors, and women rule over them. O my people, they which lead thee cause thee to err, and destroy the way of thy paths.

liberalism, marxism, communism, socialism and fascism are all in opposition to the Word of God.

gOOgle is the spirit of a child ruling over the minds of men. Proof: "The name googol and googolplex were originally coined by Milton Sirotta, nephew of Edward Kasner a famous American mathematician."
from The horrible name that Google was ALMOST called, and how they came up with Google instead."

New employees are called "Nooglers," and are given a propeller beanie cap to wear on their first Friday. from Google Wikipedia Entry

God is ONE, not two.

Get Right with Jesus Christ! Double letters and numbers are sorcerized entities such as the two snakes in Pharoah's court. A Cup of Devils (Anyone involved with this should leave both the worship of and involvement with before the Judgment of God : Come out of her my people so you be not partaker of her judgments: refeRRing to Mystery Babylon which will be destroyed with fire with a smoke that ascendeth forever and ever! Evil Agendas, Idols and Names of Blasphemy): Examples include Secret Societies, hoLLywOOd, ILLegal IMMigration, gOOgle, facebOOK, twiTTer (an unclean and hateful bird), yoUtUbe, 9/11, 711, 11:11, Big Brother, toRRent, Nazi SS, moSSad, Times Tables, MAtheMAtics, CrOwd COntrOl, unstOPPable fOrce, iMMOvablE ObjEct, COMMOn COre, Fossil Fuels, uNited Nations, Climate Change, globAl wArming, Weather Weapons, aSylum SEEkerS, RefugEE ReseTTlement pRogRam, Climate Control, carboN emiSSioNs, Warmer World, Global Governance, loBBying, sAtAn, aBBadon, ShamElESS, grEEN NEw dEal, boTTomleSS pit, Pagan Practicies, HEalTH REpRoducTIvE RIgHTs, grAtEful DEAD, Secret Service, Nazi SS, moSSad, Beauty and the Beast, centrAl bAnkers, RockstaR, COAST TO COAST, CoMMandEr in ChiEf, prEsidEnt, Anmesty AgendA, AgendA 21 (2 1s), AgendA 2030, Holocaust Hoax, pOLITICal CORReCTneSS, Twin Towers, suRRender, BEElzEBuB, hELLfirE mISSIles, cERbERus, sAmAdhi, SmaRt MEtERs, raBBi, Carbon Copies, MaSS Media, MicroMaNagEMENt, rApid dNA coLLectioN, DonalD Duck, ORAl tRAdItIOns, Sexual Sins, Carnal Christians, GamblinG, loTTery (remember Lot's wife), MegaloMania, ChemICAl CAsTrATion, quEEn of hEavEn, Hosts of Heaven, mOOn, aLLah, mohaMMed, mohaMMedan, MusliM, MosleM, PlANNED PArEnthOOD, gEnEtic enginEEring, psychEdElics, Prince of Persia, aBBadon, WindoWs, micrOsOft, sOdOmy, Soylent System, zIonIsm, Synagogue of Satan, goldmAn SAchS, busineSS, SAncTuAry STATe, BilderBerG Group, ToTalITarIanIsm, Prison Planet, frEEmasons, SpiritS, iLLuminati, Secret Socities, Catholic Church, gLobaLists, oCCultists, K (the eleventh letter), kaBBalah, MaSS MuRdeR, kaBBalist, Bnei Baruch, Bnei Brith, SeAT of SATAn, Shakti SyStem, The Two snakes, ComiCs, SwEEtS, wOOdy aLLen, Dual (2) Citizens, MeNTAL MaNipuLATioN, pAlAntir, SEEing StonE, foREIGn ALLiEGANcE, DOctrINal DeceptIONs, doublemindedneSS, cuTTing of rOOts, gENERAl wARRANts, mArtiAl lAw, mArItIme lAw, Tying of knoTs, TorTs, sEEding and lEEching, rAdhA, lOOse wOmen, LOOse Lips, BaBel, the aPPrentice, biGGEst losEr, coRRuption, thrEE stOOges, grEEd, iMMorality, Living Library, indulgEncE, sateLLites, radIatIon, ProPErty ManagEMEnt, lEchEry, rObOtics, CLimate COntrOL, blOOd DiamONDs, EnvIroMmEMtalIsm, faGGot, OpEn bOrdErs, Same Sex maRRiage, homosexuality (2 of the same type), aPPeal, pOOp, Beazulbub, JaNNeS and JambreS, mAgAzines, SubScriptionS, whOrEmOngErs, gUrU, IsraElI(e) InteLLigence aSSetS, inteLLigence agEnciEs, surveiLLance, dREamERs, dOctOr, Department of Defense, plAy the hArlot, chArismA, bILLIonaIre, Head Hunting, ruSSian coLLusion, Gun GraBBers, COdE EnfOrCEmEnt, ElEphant and donkEy, TiTles and nobIlIties, Two parTy SyStem, Federal EmErgEnCY MAnAgEMEnt AgEnCY, pOOl, poLLs, hEroinE, sEnatE, SurViValiSm (flEE to the mountains), natuRe woRship, vIctImhOOd, DruiDs, evOlutiOnism, Evil Eye, HeAltHcAre, AFFoRdAblE cARE ACT, obAmAcAre, SaNctioNS, FRankFuRt schOOl, AlgebrA, ThiNK TaNK, vaCCines, vaCCinations, waRRiors, hoRRor, faSciSt, MysticisM, Crown Chakrah, LangLey, Left Leaning, kOlOb, nEwspapErs, LiberaL, suCCeSS, kilPPot, beLLy of heLL, hOmewOrk, K(11)oan, Dance with the Devil, InIquIty, lawleSSneSS, AnArchy, IsrAel AntIquItIes AuthorIty, fivE EyEs, BriBes, DisDain, CoerCion, RiDDLes and Rhymes, naRRative, Principalities and Powers, Two Towers, cRAdlE to gRAvE EnslAvEmEnt, Concentration Camps, wElfarE, rotHcHilds, SealS and SigilS, DonalD Duck, soRceRy, Crypto CuRRencies, WE WILL rEbuILd, tyraNNy, riGGed ElEctions, blAck OperAtions, SaDDucEES, phariSEES, phAroAh, Selective Service, aFFiliations, dIanetIcs, NeW World, nEw ordEr, neW WOrld ORdeR, armEd forcEs, MASS Murder, abOrtiOn, abOmINtIONs, BE(li(E))vE, B (the 2nd leTTer) NatIoN of Islam, cartOOns, AngelinA bALLerinA, poLLution and liTTer, stRangE fiRE, oFFend, rebeLLion, oFFenSeS, MAinstrEAM MEdiA, dEEp sTaTe, ShAmAniSm, fEcEs, bloCkChain (belongs to the angel with a chain), coMMunism, hENRy KiSSENgER, sociAl mediA, Personality Profile, niGGa, GrEEk Gods, hAre krsnA, EastErn MyStIcISM, AbOminATION of DesOlATION, mArijuAnA, wEEd, cigarETTEs, waLLet, doLLar biLL, goLden caLf, astrOlOgy, vIctImhOOd, biTTerneSS and gaLL, piSS, maTTer, hOOters, PhilOsOPhy, saturnAliA, MusliM BrotherhOOd, Sol InvIctuS, WOrmWOOd, SchOOl SystemS, jEzEbel and AhAb, frEEbies, cNN, AlphAbet, AlphAbEt AgEnciEs, cOrpOratiOns, crImInalIty, Body Bags, coFFins, Eating CorpSES, SheLL Station, SheLLS, smOOch and mOOch, Israel Idolatry, moziLLa FireFox, TAxATion, Capital Controls, Writing on the WaLL, vidEo gamEs, GrEEN AGENdAs, actIvIsm, iMMuNIzatIoNs, MISSIOn iMpOSSIble, Psychology and Psychiatry, BOycOTT, WAiLing WALL, MorMonisM, tAlmudic lAw, shAriA lAw, whITe guIlT, Department of Defense, pATrioT AcT (which is against true patriotism labelling those loyal to their country domestic terrorists), WaLL sTrEET, LoLita expreSS, proceSS sErvEr, Goy Girls, Geisha Girls, nEwswEEk, fluOrIdatIOn, bOOtlIckIng, ClOUd COmpUting, thElEma, biGGot, sOdOm and gemoRRah, Super Spy, CoMMon CuRRency, CourteSy CaLLS, ElitEs, Twelve Tribes, congreSS, whOredOm, ISlAM and judAISM, Old Ones, miSS piGGy, Digital Devices, uRban dictionaRy, AFFAdAvit, Double DiPPing, HaPPY HolidAYs, pAgAn feAsts, InvasIon, TrusTs, sEx Ed, cIvIl aSSEt FoRFEituRE, dyBBuk Box, OuijA bOArd, Power of the PreSS, Alien AgendA, fAntAsy, rAciAl and Ethnic divErsity, cOnfOrmity, trAdE AgrEEmEnts, aSSeSSors, (is)rEAl EstAtE, MuLtI(cUlt)UraLIsM, BUreAuCrACy, BUreAu of lAnd (Mis)MAnAgEmEnt, 23andMe, mEdIcInE, aLLopathic, prActItIoners, uglineSS, fOlklOre, organeLLe, whIte magIc, blAck mAgic, iNdoctriNation, loSS, Continual Chronic kiLLing, ParaPhenelia, TwEETing, tabOOs, taTTOOs, SchOOl ShOOting, MaSS MuRdeR, Tongue Twisters, gheTTo, WORld WaR 3, toRRents, DYINg with DIgNItY, vUdU, vOOdOO, gEndEr StudiES, maSS Energy Equivalence, ceLLphones, guCCy, BLING BLING, cElEbErties, WOrTHleSS NOTHiNg, niDDah, kiDDush, inTErnET, CElEbratE Christmas, GIft GIvIng, Third Temple, Beanie Babies, dEcEption, BaBylon, BaBylOn wOrking BaBy, AFFirmaTIve AcTIon, ThrEE Tests, Carbon Credits, cArbON tAxAtiON, CarbOn fOOtpRint, buLLying, SelfiShneSS, unDeaD, kneSSet, Credit Cards, AnmEsty AgEndAs, Chip Card, mArk of the beAst, djiNN, FrEE For aLL, gEniE, Game Genie, INflAMMAtIoN, wEEping, blOOpers, Energy EFFiciEnt, ElEctRONIc FRIONtIEr FOuNdatiON, TARoT cARds, pSychiSm, NEbuchAdNEZZAr, hOLLOw earth, mOON laNding, flAt eArTh, SEGa GEnESiS, neCromanCy, Doctrines of Devils, Master Mason, Copy Cats, whOredOm, GLITTERING GENERALITIEs, chInESE SpIES, Space Station, cUm GUzzLING, World Wide Web, aDDictions, croSSdreSSing, PsyCHoPatHiC RecoRds, bENjAmiN NEtaNyAhu, thErEsA MAy, BiBi eMMAnuel mAcron, AngELA mErkEL, HigH HEEls, = preSSTiTuTe, Ancient Aliens, StarbuckS, MesOpOtaMia, TALL TALes, SlOPPy SecOndS, Sex Slavery, shameleSS, PAEdoPhEliA, bAAl, AsherAh, bAAl hAsuLAm, bAAL shem tov, DEaDBEat DEBtor, scientOlOgy, huBBard, TheTan, ZardoZ, Filthy FaGGot, quEEr, ISIS, oSIrIS, cEaSE and dESiSt, SEaRch and SEizuRe, TeTris, Synchronized SwiMMing, hOnOr kiLLing, sAudI ArAbIA, planEt xEnu, nIbIru, ChuGGing CUm, Wounded WaRRior, stocK marKet, RockeRfeLLers, Lying Lips, falsE sciEncE, frOward mOuth, pOTTy mOuTh, Double DiPPing, SickneSS and diSeaSe, MediA MANipulatioN, SubSidy, AlAstor, guN cONtrOl (everyone should have military grade weapons according to the Bible), fOOlish vIrgIn, ungodlineSS, ambaSSador, Concealed CaRRy, (shouldn't need a permit), ArtifActs, YiN and YaNg, gamE of thronEs, intermaRRiage, BirdBox, SealS and SIgIlS, Pyramid Power, SignatureS, GlaxoSmithKline, GMO SEEdS, Synagogue of Satan, Medicine Man, AstRAl pROjectiOn, feLLatio, Lewd and LaSciviouS, gEnEtic mOdifIcatIOn, dIvInation, EnchanTmEnT, EntErtainmEnt, iMMorality, CORPORAtIONS and COmPANIeS, CEaslESS ChaNtiNg, wireleSS technOlOgies, eCCo, OshO, sIlI(CON) vaLLey, ComCast er.. ConCast, VIzIV technologIes, arTEmIS TEchnologIES, Social Security, aRRest. waRRamt, whitE housE, Oval Office, ACroNym AgENCiEs, Monkey Man, Oath of OFFice, wE the PEoplE, SANNyASiS, vAishnAvA, Ley Lines, kiLLdozer, mOlOch, paSSIng thRough the fIRe, DIgItal DIvIde, Cremation of Care, bITch TITs, Customer Care, Criminal Charges, Chabad Center, WELL WishEr, chEErlEading, DAlAi LAmA, Central Column, cOlOSSus the fOrbin prOject, RagnaRok, ChaCha, Child Care, PsychOlOgical OPeratiOns, sOn of perditiOn, Race Riots, ECONOmIC CENsOrshIp, uSSr, CoMMuNIst ChINa, Aiding and AbeTTing, Samctuary StateS, judaS iScAriot, HardneSS of Heart, cItIgroup, PsyChiC Power, PsYChiC PraYer, AvAtAr, doLLs, CaREEr CRImInal, COnfuSed CrOSS, vIrTuAl reAliTy, AFFordAblE cARE Act, CORPOratE CEnsOrship, COrpOraTE COnsTiTuTion,, fOOd StampS, fAiR shARe, Fear Factor, CaRbON fOOtpRiNt, , eXXOn mObil, UseleSS EatErs, diSSidents, dIstrIct of columbIa (false goDDeSS), haLLowEEn, Reducing RecoMMendations, PAREns PAtRiAE, teRRIfied, Back Biter, FInAncIal FrAud, Family Feud, Romper ROOm, DEaDly DEcEptions, Time Travel, Witches and Warlocks, Seal of Siva, rEsEt the CloCks, NaNcy pEloSi and CHUCk SCHUmEr, Ruby Ridge, SpOngeBOB Squarepants, Judge Judy, DuNGeONS and DraGONS, HaPPy Holidays, Dunkin Donuts, pSyonicS, African American, Political ProceSS, IpISSImuS, Money Making, proBaBle CausE, WAiLing WALL, poLItIcaL coRRectneSS, progreSSives, Mixed Multitude, MEtEr Maid, Seducing SpIrItS, wOOdpEckEr nOisE, mOtOrCyCles, MeMory loSS, Lesbian Lovers, Lying Lawyers, guinESS bOOk of wOrld REcORds, SocialiSm, Media MaTTers, Drug Dealer, druGGie, People Power, Dying with Dignity, pArAnoiA, trAumA, sAndAlwOOd pAste, think progreSS, Black Brothers, FrankFurt SchOOl, Haunted Houses, MAd MAx, foreIgn aId, SpIrItual SEEker, AntiAmerican ProPaganda, SUpERcompUtERS, ATTenTIOn DefEcIt DIsOrdEr, rItalIn, (ADDer)ALL, Soul Scalping, ScOOby dOO, muTTering, SerpentS and ScorpionS, scANNiNg the zohAr, supreSSion, mAgiciAns, haRRy poTTer, lOOse caNNon, MeNtAL MaNipuLAtion, CampaIgN CoNtrIbutIoNs, Cast of Characters, Dr. DOOliTTle, foRTunE TELLERs, Truth TeLLers, SOOth Sayers, brAINwAshINg, laTTe, coFFEE, caPPuCCino, caFFEinE, SACChArideS, SugarS, diabEtEs, dIvIners, Actors and ActreSSes, rUpert mUrdoch, Solid State, ACCeptAnce, iNNerschOOl (yes this website's name is snakey), onEnESS, UNrightEoUSNESS, AutOnOmOuS cArS, Security Services, shOOt to kiLL, homEland sEcurity, AmericA, BArABBAs, adoLf hitLer, cAitAnyA mAhAprAbhu, His Divine Grace ANTI.chrIsT. (A.C.) Bhaktivedanta Swami, witChCrafT and mAyA.

Now there are plenty more things in the cup of devils that aren't double letter and double number related. Anything that isn't double numbers and double letters is dOUbly SUSpiciOUS: judaism, mason, drug company, casino, walt disney, talmud, zohar, clowns

Don't trust anyone who uses these watered down terms to push political agendas: we, community, diversity, democracy, undocumented immigrants, migrants, migrant workers, tolerance, reliigous tolerance, caravan, asylum seekers, asylum, open borders, political correctness, people who glory in foreign races, climate change, global warming, agenda ##, family unit (something easily replacable),
Matthew 13:24-30 King James Version (KJV)
24 Another parable put he forth unto them, saying, The kingdom of heaven is likened unto a man which sowed good seed in his field:
25 But while men slept, his enemy came and sowed tares among the wheat, and went his way.
26 But when the blade was sprung up, and brought forth fruit, then appeared the tares also.
27 So the servants of the householder came and said unto him, Sir, didst not thou sow good seed in thy field? from whence then hath it tares?
28 He said unto them, An enemy hath done this. The servants said unto him, Wilt thou then that we go and gather them up?
29 But he said, Nay; lest while ye gather up the tares, ye root up also the wheat with them.
30 Let both grow together until the harvest: and in the time of harvest I will say to the reapers, Gather ye together first the tares, and bind them in bundles to burn them: but gather the wheat into my barn.