Ye Are Gods ($)
Ye Are Gods shows that man himself creates every condition on earth, that the eternal source of power is released within every man! It proves the truth of the great scriptures that, "All that the Father has is yours."

To God the Glory ($) (PDF Available)
In the words and teachings of Jesus, To God the Glory is a divinely inspired message revealing how His great love is being poured out in abundance and can, if man will accept it, change his life and lead him into His kingdom.

Temple of God ($)
Anything conceived by human thought can be brought forth into actuality. This creative power is waiting at all times to be made manifest within man, transforming him from a limited mortal into a divine being.

Secrets of Eternity ($)
Love so much that whatever He sends will be as a very rare and precious gift. Love and adore, praise and give thanks and the windows of heaven will be opened unto you and you will not have room enough to receive the blessings.

Celestial Song of Creation ($) (PDF Available)
"Oh man of a million mystic, unfathomed, subtle and unused powers have lain dorman within, leave your mortal thinking habits and negatious restrictions behind and step forth into the full measure of your creation."

Man Triumphant ($)
Learn to "be still and know God." Be Still" and become aquainted with His great, dynamic, power of creation and the method of using it for this is "Kingdom of Heaven, that is within."

Beyond Mortal Boundaries ($)
Death is the dreary, back-door enterance into the other world. It's the servant's enterence. But there is a great front door of glory for those who OVERCOME.

The Book of Books ($)
"This work contains the truths which Christ so earnestly wished to share with His apostles on that last night, at the Feast of Passover."