viṣa by administration of poison; SB 1.13.8
viṣa-toya poisoned water; SB 2.7.28
viṣa-vīrya highly potent poison; SB 2.7.28
viṣa-pānena by drinking poison; SB 3.2.31
viṣa of poison; SB 5.1.22
viṣaya-viṣa of material enjoyment, which is like poison; SB 5.3.14
viṣa-uda-pāna-vat like wells with poisonous water; SB 5.14.12
kāla-viṣa-mita made crooked by time; SB 5.14.16
viṣa-auṣadhyaḥ poisonous drugs; SB 8.7.46
viśa now enter; SB 8.21.32
viṣa by poison; SB 10.15.48
viṣa-ambhaḥ the poisoned water; SB 10.15.49-50
viṣa of his poison; SB 10.16.4
viṣa-da poisonous; SB 10.16.5
viṣa the poison; SB 10.16.6
viṣa-ude into the poisoned water; SB 10.16.6
viṣa-ucchvasita breathed upon with the poison; SB 10.16.7
viṣa-kaṣāya because of the contamination of the poison; SB 10.16.7
viṣa-ambarīṣa like two vessels for cooking poison; SB 10.16.24
viṣa-agni full of poisonous fire; SB 10.16.25
viṣa because of his poison; SB 10.17.4
viṣa of poison; SB 10.17.6
viṣa like poison; SB 10.18.6
viṣa-tama having the most powerful poison; SB 10.26.12
viṣa poisonous; SB 10.31.3
visa like the filaments of a lotus stem; SB 10.39.44-45
viṣa poison; SB 10.42.28-31
viṣa like the poison; SB 10.76.24
viṣa of poison; SB 11.15.8-9
viṣa-ānanaiḥ with his mouth full of poison; SB 12.5.11-12
viṣa-hāriṇam an expert in counteracting poison; SB 12.6.12
viśa viśa twenty, twenty; CC Adi 9.18
viśa viśa twenty, twenty; CC Adi 9.18
viṣa poison; CC Adi 10.75
viṣa-garta-pāni water in a poison pit of material happiness; CC Adi 13.123
viṣa-jvālā haya there is suffering from poisonous effects; CC Madhya 2.50
viṣa-amṛte poison and nectar; CC Madhya 2.51
daśa-viśa ten or twenty; CC Madhya 3.86
viṣa poison; CC Madhya 5.41
viṣa-bhakṣaṇataḥ than the act of drinking poison; CC Madhya 11.8
viṣa māge he begs for poison; CC Madhya 22.38
viṣa-ādi khāñā by drinking poison; CC Antya 2.156
viṣa-dhara serpentine living entities; CC Antya 9.8
viṣa-jvālāya from the burning of the poison; CC Antya 15.75
viṣa the poison; CC Antya 15.76
viṣa from the poison; MM 41